The last job to be tackled was the upholstery. John explored interiors at car and truck shows, and met with Chris Plante at Aces High Auto Trim in Santa Rosa before deciding on the low-key, high-quality look. Chris used top-shelf Mercedes vinyl to upholster the original bench and door panels, and covered the floor and kick panels in Mercedes carpet. Dakota Digital gauges add an up-to-date appearance to the ’56 dash. A Gen II A/C unit from Vintage Air was mounted below the dash. Bob Breazeale wired the ’56 with a Painless wiring system.

According to John, the most memorable experiences during the build were the conversations among the people helping him work on the truck. Throughout the project, Rochelle provided lunch at the shop—spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, coffee, and biscotti. John and Rochelle have been married for 46 years now, and the truck has been finished for a little while—until John thinks of something else to do to it. Until then, maybe it’s time for another drive down to Santa Rosa to see who’s cruising Main Street. CCT