A couple of years later, Grant got a surprise. Little Blue, although good-looking, powerful, and driveable, needed some upgrades to the stock chassis before it could be considered finished. Ken took the truck to Grunion’s Fabrication in Phoenix where the framerails were C-notched in the rear and 2½-inch drop spindles were installed in front to drop the truck several inches. Coil springs and shocks from McGaughy’s Suspension Parts and front disc brakes were additional mods. The tires and wheels were also swapped at this time. The front and rear fenders are now packed with 20-inch Torq Thrusts riding on meaty 275/45R20 Falken radial tires.

Grant’s reaction to the surprise was mixed: he was shocked and happy. Now that he’s finished with college and back in Phoenix, he has more time for the truck and has been hitting some shows. When we saw the cool, blue Chevy at a Goodguys show in Scottsdale, it had just been selected for the Young Guys Pick award. He’ll be driving Little Blue a lot more now. Grant hopes that wherever it goes, his owner-built C10 will encourage teenagers to do what he did and build a truck of their own. Maybe it just did. CCT