High-tech entertainment was also on the list, beginning with Dynamat sound deadening applied to all interior sheetmetal surfaces to minimize any unwanted sonic intrusion. The new stereo system, controlled by the Kenwood KD-X994 head unit, directs the power from a single ARC Audio KS 300.4, four-channel ARC Audio amplifier to the pair of 8-inch ARC Audio ARC 8D4 subs and 6-inch KS 6006 component sets.

The finished truck has turned out to be great fun to drive but for Steve, it was quite a surprise to discover that his vintage Apache consistently gets more attention than his elaborately customized late-model cars. I never would have believed it but seeing is believing! Steve told us. We understand exactly Steve, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it! Great trucks are not created in a vacuum though, and many thanks go out to Jeremy Miranda and his talented team, Dustin Clark, Bjorn Gunnlookson, and Tim Allen. CCT