All new cab mounts were installed for the body. The sheetmetal, as we said, was in good shape, with no blemishes or bruises that aren't perfectly acceptable to the owner. The Porterbuilt hood hinges and Brothers front and rear bumpers are the newest components. The paint is GM Fawn, shot at the factory 45 years ago. Previous owners have added dents in the years since.

A panel of aftermarket gauges beneath the dash and the air bag controls are the only non-stock items in the cab, and new rubber floor mat was installed during the rebuild. Steering wheels, dash, door panels, seat, and all else is original and dignified by longevity.

"The ol' girl is a blast to drive and gets attention wherever it goes," Del said. And it goes everywhere because it's driven daily. For these photos, though, we kept it on E. Palm Avenue, shooting in front of Martinez Custom Upholstery, across the street from Old Crow Speed Shop. Del's not a customer, in case you were wondering, but he's a friend, and the cool old building looked like a good match for Del's cool old truck.