The second truck in the saga of the three amigos is Louis Kendziora's '57 Chevy. A couple years back, Louis got word of a '57 rotting away in a field. Upon arriving to the field, all he saw was the Big-Window out back and he was sold. Louis' mentality of his eyes being bigger than his appetite came back to bite him though, as it turned out there was more rust and rot on the '57 than there was solid metal, literally. But, as Louis' friends keep reminding him Fin a condescending tone, at least it's Big-Window!

After the truck was blasted to bare metal, it was apparent a lot of work was in the future; therefore, Louis figured he'd go all out. The initial step in that direction was boxing the framerails. From there a complete arsenal of TCI products were ordered. Up front sits a Mustang II crossmember with two-inch drop spindles, and state-of-the-art Wilwood cross-drilled and slotted disc brakes. Allowing the stance to be dialed in are coilover shocks. Out back is a four-link mated to a Ford 9-inch with 3:73 gears. Again, the rearend is comprised of Wilwood brakes and coilovers. When it came to powering the Chevy, what says over the top better than 454 cubic inches of American muscle? Exactly! Taking things a step further is Scat stroker crankshaft, which brought the displacement to 496. Rounding out the package is an Edelbrock camshaft and 10.7:1 JE pistons stuffed under GM aluminum 502 heads. Allowing the rat to inhale as much as possible is an Edelbrock 2x4 intake manifold mated with Edelbrock carburetors. The complete package is a ground-pounding 520hp monster. Making the engine just as appeasing to the eyes are billet products from Billet Specialties and a set of Sanderson headers. The 700-R4 behind the 454 is no slouch either. The tranny is built with a B&M Hole Shot 3000-stall converter and Lokar shifter.

When Louis laid eyes on the truck for the first time, he never expected it to be a Big-Window. When it turned out to be one, he wasn't about to turn it down. As things unraveled, it was apparent some deals are too good to be true because every piece of sheetmetal had to either be patched or replaced. Louis didn't want to go wild with the truck, but he saw room for improvements. Body seams were welded up, emblems were shaved, and various other holes were filled. When one is trying to do less with more, in terms of paint, nothing shows better than a brilliant red. What Louis eventually landed on is PPG Inferno Red. Adding the perfect contrast of color to the red is a set of Billet Specialties Rail 17 inch rims. Out back is a set of meaty 275/60 Goodyear tires offsetting the smaller 225/60 tires up front. The Brother's one-piece window kit also gives the cab a new look.

Upon entering the door of the cab, one is surrounded by the lush Inferno Red complementing various billet ornamentation and high quality leather. Like Joe's truck, Louis went with a black leather and Ostrich look for the Wise Guy's seat. Planted along the freshly smoothed dash is a billet instrument cluster with Autometer gauges and an ididit steering column with a correlating black leather wrapped billet steering wheel. Creature comforts include a Vintage Air unit and a Secret Audio stereo system.