The color choice had been part of Nancy's vision for the truck since seeing that hometown '49 Chevy more than 25 years ago. Matching the paint to her memory took a couple of tries. They'd found a pearl white they thought was just right-until seeing it on the truck. A few days later at the upholstery shop, they spotted a Ford wearing the exact shade of ivory they wanted. Phil at the Roadster Shop sourced the paint-Corinthian White, an early '60s Ford color-and resprayed the truck. "The extra work was well worth it," said Steve. "Everybody who sees it loves the color."

The 18x8 and 17x7 Billet Smoothies wheels from Wheel Vintiques provide plenty of surface for more Corinthian White, and the rings and caps add a little more shiny stuff to the profile of the truck. The blackwall tires are 235- and 225-series Bridgestone radials. Wilwood six-piston, 13-inch front discs with four-piston, 11-inchers in back provide plenty of braking power.

You could argue that the most important part of a driver is the interior. On a trailered showpiece all that really matters is looks. On a driver the insides not only have to please the eye, but numerous other bodily components as well. This '49 is a driver and the cab covers all the bases, combining classic looks with practical comfort and a few custom additions.

The truck has never been a trailer queen, Steve confirmed. The day the Yacyshyns picked up the finished pickup, they put it on its first road trip, a 600-mile haul to northern Minnesota, with Nancy driving the Chevy through relentless wind and rain for seven hours. Subsequent trips have been less dramatic and more enjoyable-almost daily around Chicago or weekly to the market. "The Chevy's already been christened with its first stone chips," they told us. "The beginnings of a wonderful patina.

The Roadster Shop website has lots of great build photos of Nancy's Chevy. Go to