The punch in this truck comes from a World Products Motown 427ci small-block Chevrolet engine throbbing out a massive 560 horsepower at 5,800 rpm and 540 lb-ft of torque at 4,800. Bill Mitchell from The Engine Shop in Ronkonkoma, New York, completed the fresh motor before unleashing it to Andrew's truck. A pair of aluminum Motown 220 heads with 2.080/1.60 Manley valves contributes to the 10.1:1 compression ratio. A 4-inch stroke Eagle 4340 crankshaft is tied to Eagle H-beam rods topped with 4.125-inch Mahle pistons. An AED Hardcore carburetor supplies 870 cfm and works in tandem with a Comp Cams hydraulic roller camshaft measuring in at 0.562-inch lift on the intake and 0.580 on the exhaust side; the camshaft has 248 degrees duration on the intake and 254 on the exhaust side. All that oomph creates a lot of heat; Andrew and Bob collaborated on how to keep the beast cool and came up with a solution to use a Performance Rod and Custom aluminum radiator with a 16-inch SPAL puller fan. The entire setup breathes in comfortably through a K&N 14-inch billet aluminum five-spoke air cleaner and exhales through a set of Sanderson 13/4-inch headers connected to a 3-inch Dynomax system with built-in exhaust cutouts. Bob added some bling to the motor with a Tru-Trac serpentine system and compiled every trick billet piece and braided hose he could find.

A custom-built 700-R4 from Gear Star of Akron, Ohio, and a 10-inch lockup-style Yank 3,200-stall torque converter makes easy work translating all that power into usable strength.

Planting all that power is a full set of 18x8 Billet Specialties Rail wheels, wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1-GSD3 rubber. Keeping the truck pointed in the right direction falls to the Heidts Mustang II setup with 2-inch drop springs. A rack-and-pinion system with a power steering unit from Billet Specialties helps steer and 11-inch front and rear discs keep everything in check.

Out back, Andrew had Bob install a 9-inch Ford rear axle from John's Industries with a 3.70 final gear ratio and 31-spline axles. Rear springs and shocks are from Chassis Engineering and easily set the right stance of the truck.

Andrew may not have been able to afford such a thing as a young boy, but things of this quality are often worth the wait. He has graduated from making car noises in his room while pretending to drive an imaginary car, to now having a street truck worthy of any of our wildest dreams. Just remember Andrew, this isn't the same sort of animal you're used to driving. This beauty packs a brutal one-two combo of power and classic good looks that no minivan can match.