Good looks aren't the only trick to this pretty face. Wayne stuffed a 383 small-block he built himself using a short block he purchased from The Engine Store in Winona, Minnesota. Using iron cylinder heads, Wayne and Bob plugged in a Comp Cams 274H cam and prepped it for a 10:1 compression ratio. Helping the engine breathe on the intake is a K&N filter fed into a 650-cfm Holley and an Edelbrock Air-Gap intake manifold. On the exit, gasses are passed through a set of Sanderson 13/4-inch headers fed into a 21/2-inch MagnaFlow exhaust system. Wayne predicts this combo is good for roughly 400 hp at the flywheel. Master Transmission of Rosemount, Minnesota, provided the GM 200-4R and a 2,500-stall converter. A Walkie's Radiator coupled with a stock water pump and an electric fan keep things cool under the hood.

To keep things cool in the passenger compartment, Wayne installed an A/C kit from Hot Rod Air. The simple and clean look is continued into the interior with custom upholstery by Paul Lovas from Rivertown Upholstery in Stillwater, Minnesota. Paul stretched the tan leather over a set of buckets borrowed from a wrecked '97 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, also borrowing a steering column from an '86 Monte Carlo united with a Billet Specialties wheel to keep this truck on the right track. An Alpine head unit embedded in a custom center console powers a set of 8-inch Pioneer speakers for when Wayne and Barbara get tired of the road noise. A pair of gauges from Classic Industries keeps all the vitals in check.

Wheels are a tasteful American Racing Hoopster rim, 18x7 up front and 18x8 in the back, all wrapped in Goodyear F1GSD3's, 235/50R18 and 255/55R18 respectively. All that rolling goodness is held down by a stock 3/4-ton boxed frame that was shortened 91/2 inches to make it a 1/2-ton truck. The front suspension is provided from a Mustang II and Fatman Fabrications using a 2-inch drop to add to the aggressive stance. Four-wheel power disc brakes make sure to reign back on the stroker at times of spirited driving. The rear suspension is capped off with a 10-bolt rearend borrowed from a '93 GMC Typhoon with 3.42 gears and a limited-slip differential.

Wayne's father unfortunately passed away before he could see the truck brought back to its former glory but Wayne surmises that his dad always had plans of restoring it, which is why he kept it tucked away for so long. We may never know the reason he never scrapped it, but everyone is sure glad he didn't, because now Wayne and Barbara have everything they have ever wanted: a modern, functioning hot rod that can pound the pavement and a direct link to those boyhood memories that can never be abandoned.