Inside the cab of the truck, the muscle car theme continues with the aforementioned wood Grant steering wheel mounted in front of a set of Auto Meter gauges. Vintage Fabrication knocked out a pair of bucket seats flanking a custom center console that houses a Pioneer stereo, air suspension gauges and controls, electric window switches, and floor shifter up front while a bench seat was made to fit between the rear wheelwells. Black Ultraleather was then pulled over the seats and custom interior panels, offset by the Daytona Weave black carpet. At the very back of the truck sit two Pioneer amplifiers as well as a pair of Pioneer 6-inch speakers providing ample audio ability to fill the big truck with tunes.

As many things in life go, as the panel went through its transformation, things around the Brattin household changed as well. One major change that occurred was that Steve decided to sell the Eleanor Mustang while the iron was hot. This left building a matching hauler a moot point, and the '57 Ford soon became a focus all its own. With Haulenore now their main classic mode of transportation, the Brattins are enjoying what many of us truck guys have known for years; the fact that a workhorse of a truck can be so much more.