"To start things off the truck was taken to get the chassis fabrication performed by Brian Jendro. Included in this was the installation of the Mustang II front suspension, the four-link rear suspension, narrowing of a Ford 9-inch rearend, boxing of the framerails, mounting of the engine/transmission, brake master cylinder, fuel tank, and the radiator. Also as part of this initial phase of the build was Dave Wright performing the raw metalwork for smoothing the firewall, cowl vent, the heater air intake vents on the passenger side of the cab, the dash, and gas fill hole and rust repair to the roof, the rear window opening, and the rear quarters of the truck. Upon completion of this phase the truck was then taken to Jon Guilmet of Hot Rod Hell.

"The continuation of the metalwork was performed at this juncture. Included in this was the shaving of the emblems, door handles, the sectioning of the hood, the channeling of the body over the framerails at the front 2 inches, the shaving of the roof seams, the radius of the corners on the doors, assembly of the aftermarket bed, fabrication of the custom rear roll pan, welding up of the bed seams, the capping of the end of the top rails at the back of the bed, and the installation and fitting of the original doors, fenders, and running boards. After the metalwork was completed Jon started in on the bodywork.

"Concurrent with the above-mentioned work, the 460ci Ford engine was being rebuilt along with the transmission that would receive the silver and red paint. Also at this time, the frame was powdercoated gloss black.

"The truck was then moved to Bobco where the final bodywork, paint, and assembly of the truck would take place. This was the longest stay of the previously visited locations. At Bobco the truck was completely disassembled and shot in PPG red then reassembled. After the final installation of the engine/trans, the wiring of the truck was next on the list, along with the installation of the one-piece side power windows, Vintage Air A/C unit, gauges, windshield, rear window, and polished stainless trim. When the cab was starting to become complete, Bobco then moved to the bed of the truck to install the finished oak rails, the actuator-driven bed slat for the access to the fuel fill, the tailgate, the taillights, and last but not least, the rear bumper.

"From here the truck was sent to Upland, California, where Mark Lopez at Elegance Auto Interiors built door panels, an overhead console, the wraparound kick panel, and an underdash brow for the A/C vents and controls. Then he covered the Cadillac seats with tan leather along with the door panels, kick panels, headliner, and the rear of the cab, accompanied by red accents."

Since the initial arrival of the truck, all parties involved have come to agree that the boys' purchase of the truck for their dad was very thoughtful, replacing what they had originally. And who couldn't forgive a couple of guys who surprise you with one of the most sought-after classic truck models out there!?