Robert modified the inside as nicely as the outside. The dash and steering wheel are both '59 Chevy Impala components, and big attention getters. The dash had been hanging in Bob's garage, waiting for the right application. Don Groff handled the transplant, widening the dash four inches in the center and shaving off all unwanted accessories. Bob added all the gauges, provided by Classis Instruments. Keith Peterson installed the Ron Francis wiring kit. The split bench seat came out of a '90 Silverado. When the pickup was ready for paint, it went to Bob Fulmer at The Works in Fridley, Minnesota, who shot the metallic blue and ivory, both custom colors.

Bob is already thinking about his next truck project--a '37 GMC that has been sitting in storage since the Eisenhower administration. While that's underway, he'll be driving his Chevy--cruising it on the streets of Bloomington, showing it at the rod runs and car shows in his area, and putting it to work when there are parts to haul home from the junkyard.