Powering the dually is a '70s GMC 454 with a Technostalgia Caddy-style air cleaner, Sanderson headers, and stock valve covers sporting period-correct GMC logos. A Turbo 400 trans handles torque duties down to the stock '82 rearend with 3.42:1 gears (the highest available). The square fan shroud was custom made to keep with the old-school theme. A filler door was also added to the fender above where the '82 Blazer fuel tank now resides.

Just before she passed away, Kevin's aunt, Jean, got to see the truck all finished and said it looked better than it did brand new. It just so happens she was with Kevin's grandfather on the day he bought it. With a fourth-generation Balaam already showing interest in this truck, it's safe to say this GMC is going to be in the family for a while and is giving the word "inheritance" a whole new appeal.