On '53-56 Ford F-100s, after the top has been chopped there's no way to make the hood not appear bulbous unless it has been pancaked. After Woody pancaked the hood, he really cleaned up the truck's lines by molding the hood into the front fenders, and making it a tilt front end. Because Woody prefers the appearance of a '56 Ford six-cylinder grille, he tossed out the '54 grille and took advantage of how easy it is to close up the "Effies" front bumper holes and form a roll pan. Between Woody and his neighbor Jimmy Jones there is quite a talent pool. Not only did Jimmy build the 460 motor, but he's the guy responsible for doing a great job shooting the '54 in PPG Torch Red with a clear topcoat.

One of the few things that wasn't done by Woody, or Jimmy, is the truck's leather interior, which was stitched by Cox Custom Upholstery. Cox covered the '57 T-Bird buckets in tan with red piping, and then laid the carpeting to match. On the '54 dash, a cluster of Dolphin gauges housed in billet rest in front of a billet-rimmed Grant Banjo-style steering wheel. The truck's totally concealed sound system is from Pioneer.

In discussing his '54 with us, Woody stated that he just had a few little things that he wanted to change about the truck. In doing so, we would have to say that Woody created one of the most radically customized pickups to grace the pages of CCT in a long time.