When building one's ideal custom truck, it all boils down to balance of power. Whether it's money, design, stance, or the left and right side of one's brain battling over whether creativity or function should be the key theme, it's always a balance of power between two sides. In the end, either one side caves in or a mutual agreement is established. For Quinton Bryant of Adair, Oklahoma, it was a balance of style and cents.

Originally, Quinton set out to build a '50s-style low-buck daily driven '50 Chevy truck. Nothing fancy, just simple, tasteful and, most importantly, cool. As the project unfolded, he kept throwing more money into the truck to perfect the imperfections, and even more hours of work to ... well perfect the imperfections. Then one day it hit him: His plan of building a budget-themed ride was out the door. He had spent too much time and money at this point to undercut the final product. At that point Quinton gave into both sides and decided to build a stylish show-quality truck for the street.

During a trip up to a Goodguy's event in Texas, Quinton saw a few '50s-style trucks slammed on the ground with air. At that moment the look and stance of his truck was set ... in his mind at least. Once home, Quinton tore apart his chassis. The first step was to install a '75 Camaro subframe, which Quinton had to narrow to get to fit. Next, Fat Man Fabrications 2-inch drop spindles were added to the frontend. To further get the desired stance, Air Ride Technologies Cool Ride airbags were also installed up front. To complement the severely dropped frontend, the rear of the frame first needed to be C-notched, in order to tuck the '75 Camaro rearend. Next, Quinton installed a pair of Air Ride Technologies Shockwaves. A rear-mounted fuel cell was also installed at this time. Being that the Chevy was made for cruising, Quinton choose a mild 350 crate motor. For a little oomph in the passing lane the 350 does have an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and camshaft, along with an Edelbrock Performer 600 carburetor. Atop the 350 sits a mushroom-style air cleaner and Edelbrock finned valve covers. Backing the 350 is a TH350 with a B&M trans cooler.