After the chassis was where Matt wanted it, he moved on to the body mods. The body has been dropped 31/2 inches, and the tranny tunnel and new floor Matt fabricated were raised 41/2 inches. The tailgate, taillights, and fuel doors were all shaved shut and stake pockets removed. The bed was also moved 1/2-inch closer to the cab for a more streamlined look and it now sports '36 Ford teardrop taillights.

Matt had full intentions of rebuilding the 305 the Chevy had in it to begin with, but got a good deal on a '75 350, which now resides in the C-10 complete with Edelbrock 650 carb, geardrive, ram horn exhaust manifolds, and yes, spike-inlaid valve covers. The whole thing is backed by a gas-friendly 700-R4.

As luck would have it, Matt came across a '64 Galaxie dashboard that had been left at his brother's house by a friend and Matt got permission from its previous owner to incorporate it into his build. After widening it, shaving 41/2 inches off the front, and fitting it with Auto Meter gauges, it looks as if it came with the truck to begin with. A friend fabbed the door panels and center console for the truck and Matt did the finish work, including the Halloween-decoration skull that holds the pressure gauge for the bags. Some literal window-shopping around town led Matt to find the low-back '91 Chevy bucket seats he wanted to put in his truck. After tracking some down at a couple of junkyards, Parker Upholstery covered them in saddle leather.

Matt drove the truck around in primer for about a year to make sure everything worked together before applying the House of Kolor Custom Blue and having his friend R.J. Griggy lay the fiery graphics. Aside from the generous support, guidance, and workspace that mom, dad, and big brother gave Matt during this project, he wanted to recognize a few others who contributed a great deal to "Blue Demon." Matt thanks all the guys from Columbiana Napa Auto Parts, "the Jimmys," Bob Darney, Wayne Davis, Chris Squire, and all those not mentioned who helped out. Blue Demon wouldn't be the gorgeous gargoyle it is today without their help.