Drop The Top
James Byrd of Quartzsite, Arizona, writes to us, "As you can see, my truck is a convertible or roadster pickup, whichever you prefer to call it." Although that might be one's first thought, there is still much more to the truck. James has installed a Camaro front clip and a Firebird rearend under the '51 Studebaker hauler. Under the hood lies a 454 Chevy with a Turbo 400 tranny. As for the metalwork, James has chopped the windshield 2 inches and U-butted it. He also smoothed the dash and installed a new instrument panel with gauges. Up front, James fabbed a custom grille and bumper. Out back, his friend Sonny worked on creating the tailgate and bed. Once finished, Sonny sprayed the roadster pickup Subaru Electric Yellow. If you live in Arizona, one way to fight the heat is to whack the top off.