The chassis was the next order of business-and true to form, Kent didn't pull any punches. The '57 sports a full Air Ride, Mustang II frontend with tubular control arms, '82 T-bird rack-and-pinion, and 11-inch Granada rotors with Chevy calipers. Kent tubbed it and had the rearend narrowed to make room for the 15x12-inch Convo Pro wheels with Hoosier radials-and it was done without needing to notch the frame. The tail also contains a four-link and Auburn posi with 3.89 gears.

When it came to paint, Kent knew he wanted a color to reflect the truck's bare-knuckle attitude. He went with House of Kolor's Tanglo Pearl and Champagne, and laid it out in flames to overlap the silver upper section. The lightning-bolt-cog artwork and pinstriping was done by Keith Parsons to give the panel the ultimate exterior finishing touches.

For the interior, Kent found a pair of '08 Tahoe seats on eBay, which now reside among a Monster tach and B&M shifter. Kent even went so far as to install a fire engine air horn to announce his presence at car shows (or to the guy in front of him driving too slowly). Joe at Lebanon Interiors brought the '57's aggressive looks inside with the flame-textured panels. Kent inlaid the bed with marine plywood, where he also relocated the gas filler.

From tip to tail, the '57 embodies the spirit of customizing on a relatively out-of-the-box platform. It's truly a storm on four wheels, but even though thunder comes after lightning, you'll hear Kent's old panel long before you see it.