It's always cool to see some of the oddballs out there, and Crane Rock, from Coeymans Hollow, New York, has definitely scored himself one the oddest we've seen in a while.

"I've been a subscriber of your magazine for a number of years and decided maybe other readers might enjoy seeing my ride. I started with three FC series Jeeps to get enough good parts for one body. The only Jeep parts left are the front bumper and sheetmetal in the cab, everything else is hand-fabricated. I'm a welding and fabricator instructor so I take my metalwork seriously. It has IFS that is bagged with rack-and-pinion steering-and the rear suspension is a Jag IRS. The Jeep is loaded with a strong 351C and C6. My 'Tweety On Steroids' really gets some looks as it rumbles down the road."

We bet it does, Crane!