On September 30, 2003 Cooksey paid Young Chevrolet $7,882.65 for an '03 Z06 Corvette engine to use as the '71's powerplant. As evidenced by the receipt dates, the buildup of Cooksey's Blazer wasn't an overnight effort-as it wasn't until March 27, 2006 that he bought an LS6 computer-programmed wiring harness from Street & Performance to be able to fire the engine up. To handle all of the other electrical duties, an American Autowire harness is in place. Cooksey modified the stock Blazer gas tank to work with the Z06 fuel-injection by using parts sectioned out of a fuel-injected Cadillac tank. The Caddy fuel pump, as well as the brake plumbing, rely on stainless steel lines from Inline Tube.

Predating the LS6 harness, it was on November 11, 2005 that a set of headers were bought from Street & Performance to form the basis of the A&B Muffler Plus exhaust system that was completed with mufflers and pipes ordered from Summit Racing Equipment. A 700-R4 transmission takes care of gear changes.

With the exception of the leather interior done by Wayne Bayless during the fall of 2007, the Blazer was entirely homebuilt by Cooksey along with his wife and friends. Cooksey credits Jerry Pike for pitching in the most, followed by Gary Waller, Matt Waller, Rodger and Bobby Garcia, brought up by John and Zack "during the very last days."

Some of the custom interior features include a billet dash cluster sourced from No Limit Engineering and then packed with Auto Meter gauges. To handle the Texas heat, Cooksey installed an air-conditioning system from Vintage Air.

Further interior amenities include a high-end sound system featuring the best that Pioneer, Alpine, Infinity, and Cerwin-Vega have to offer.

The finish on the '71 was Cooksey's first attempt at trying his hand at body and paint. After constructing a paint booth to provide a dust-controlled environment, he shot the Blazer in PPG Viper Blue. After more than a decade of intense work on the stubby little C-10-based truck, Cooksey's Viper Blue show truck is on the roll. The last we heard, Cooksey and his wife Pam were driving the '71 Blazer halfway across Texas to enter it in a show.