Across the board, the '48 F-1 was the Ford Motor Company's first really new postwar vehicle. it was not until June 1948 that the company would introduce a totally new replacement for their line of passenger cars. Since it's likely no one bought this magazine to read about cars, we'll skip right past all the boring details about stock cars and jump right into discussing alvin McCoy's '48 F-1, which was built by the folks at Vintage Specialties of gettysburg, pennsylvania. The saga of al's '48 began 15 years prior to commissioning Vintage Specialties to complete the three-year build. During this 15-year period, al acquired three different F-1s and then stashed away the best parts until he had the makings of the '48 of his dreams.

The backbone of the ppg Candy apple Red pickup is a Fatman Fabrications' new construction chassis equipped with a Fatman Mustang ii power rack-and-pinion steering guiding 17-inch Foose nitrous wheels suspended from Fatman spindles and stainless steel upper and lower control arms. at the '48's aft, a 9-inch Ford rearend packing 3.07:1 gears twists a pair of 18-inch Foose nitrous wheels. The four meats in between the Foose wheels and the road are bFg g-Force KdW T/as. Working from the rear forward, a stainless steel 20-gallon Rock Valley fuel tank is plumbed with stainless steel lines that supply an lT-1 Corvette engine built by alvin's brother Charles, a general Motors technician. after punching the lT-1 out 0.30 over, the engine was reassembled and power enhanced with Sanderson headers dumping into a custom stainless steel exhaust system fabricated by Will Matthews at Vintage Specialties. For embellishments, the lT-1 features a complement of polished billet goodies from Street & performance, including ball-milled valve covers. Additional underhood detailing includes Taylor plug wires and chrome radiator hoses from Cool-Flex. a custom-made driveshaft from Cook brothers of Scranton, pennsylvania, transmits the power from the lokar-shifted 4l60e automatic tranny to the 9-inch Ford rearend.