Finishing off the truck's exterior is some new ornamentation. Instead of sticking with the stock grille and bumpers, Spanky pirated a front grille setup from a '91 Suburban. He also installed the Suburban's front and rear bumpers, as well as mid-'90s Chevy mirrors.

On the inside, Spanky's mindset was plush and loud. Instead of sticking with the stock bench seat, he threw a late model GM truck bench in the '84's cab. From there he had elI Upholstery stitch up the cab in brown and tan leather. He also built a custom center console that houses a DVD and VCr player. The door panel houses custom speakers, and behind the seat sit four 10-inch Ma audio subs and two Planet audio amps. Finishing things off are auto Meter gauges housed in the stock locations. as you can see, Spanky is not only a man who knows what he wants, but a man who also gets what he wants.