Once I had the '56 parked in my garage, the next step was to research my options and decide how to build my truck. Right off the top, I'm going to stick with the Y-block Ford engine because there is no other engine in the world that equals the nostalgic percolating start-up sound of a Y-block Ford. But when it comes to performance, that's a different story. I've already latched on to a brand new Y-block distributor from MSD and started the wheels rolling on a few other super-hot performance items that I think you guys will dig.

Let's move on to the rolling chassis I dragged home. It's going to be a long road home rounding up the rest of the parts I will need to build a complete truck, but on the other hand, it's a good way to go for someone who needs an easy payment plan. One of the things to look at whether buying a complete truck or just the frame is rust. On this particular chassis, the framerails are in real good shape without any of the rust that often appears at the rear crossmember in front of the third member (differential), and there doesn't appear to be any signs of buckling or bends caused by an accident. You should see a lot more of this rolling chassis in upcoming issues, but it all depends on how fast I can round up all the other millions of parts it takes to build a customized classic truck from scratch. With that said, let's get back to the Barn Find '56 with a quick pictorial review before anything gets disturbed. After all, they're only original once!