Directing Jerry's '28 is a Pete & Jake's steering wheel mounted atop a lime Works steering column on an aluminum steering column drop, which brings us into the interior of Jerry's '28. A testimony to the quality of '70s Naugahyde is the dark brown tuck 'n' roll upholstery stitched up by Thornton's in santa Ana, California, some time in the early seventh decade of the 20th century. It's interesting to note that Thornton's opened their doors in 1947, and the shop is still in business in santa Ana today. The carpeting didn't fare quite as well and was replaced by Fibertech in Huntington Beach while Wheeler's was restoring the truck. Wheeler's also plugged a complete set of Moon gauges into the Model A dash cluster.

For propulsion, the '28 is powered by a 289-inch small-block Ford plucked from an early Mustang. Wheeler's sourced chrome goodies from Mooneyes to brighten up the 289, starting from the air cleaner down. The '28's transmission is the C4 Cruisomatic that came with the Mustang engine. Shifting ccurs with a lokar shifter mounted next to an original Model A emergency brake handle. Connecting the C4 to a Ford 8-inch rearend with 3.0:1 gears is a shortened driveshaft from Drivelines Unlimited. Underneath the seat a 12-volt optima battery facilitates any electrical needs the little pickup might have. starting at the 289's heads, the exhaust system begins with ceramiccoated stock cast-iron exhaust manifolds plumbed through 2-inch pipe into a pair of Flowmaster Hushpower II mufflers.

Ordinarily one would expect the body of an almost 70-year-old truck to be an absolute rusted nightmare, but since Jerry has owned the '28 since 1955 and has lways stored it properly, the original sheetmetal was still in excellent condition. The only body panel on the '28 that isn't original is the left-front fender. After stripping off the yellow paint Jerry had been running on the pickup since the '70s, Ron eagleton at eagleton's Custom Paint in Huntington Beach repainted the '28 in a bright yellow custom mix. Some of Wheeler's newer body mods include a custom hood and a smoothed grille shell. other custom touches include a pair of Dietz mini-bucket headlights and a custom Wheeler's license plate frame.

With Jerry's '28 back together and ready for another 50 years of service as a hot rod pickup, he wanted to make sure we got in a special thanks to Bryan Wheeler at Wheeler's speed shop and Ron eagleton at eagleton's Custom Paint for a job well done, and while we're at it, here are props to Chris Jonas for tacking it all together.