A quick glance at the outside of Norman's '66 and anyone can easily tell the truck is a completely cherried package from bumper to bumper, but it's what's under the hood of Norman's '66 that really makes it the ultimate street sleeper. On April 27, 2007, Norman hit the key and lit up for its first breath of life a '66 427-inch Wedge engine fresh from Hottle Engine Development of Winchester, Virginia. Once the 427 Wedge was returned from Berger's Machine Shop with eight holes punched .030-over, Mark Hottle commenced the build by laying a 428 crank into the fully prepped block. For slugs, Mark stuffed in a set of 9.5:1 JE Pistons, then installed a custom-grind solid roller cam to handle valve timing. Induction to feed the iconic FE motor is handled with an 830 Holley mounted on an Edelbrock Victor manifold flanked by a pair of fully polished Edelbrock aluminum heads. Ignition is provided by an MSD 6AL distributor. Norman reported that the 427 should be making around 550 horsepower at 7,200 rpm.

Since Norman turned his '66 into what most people would describe as a show truck, he picked up another '66 F-100 that he uses as a daily driver, but when the sun is shining and he gets the urge, Norman likes to fire up his original '66 and blast down the dirt road he lives on to have some good old-fashioned 427-inch Ford-powered fun.