With the bodywork finished, Rick laid down the SEM flat black himself. As for the Jim's Garage on the door, it is a tribute to his father, who used to fix all the neighborhood kids' bikes in his garage, and all the kids referred to the house as Jim's Garage. Although Jim's was never a real shop back in the day, Rick made sure the logo, telephone number, and lettering were period-correct for an authentic look. Taking things one step further are red wheels with bullet centers and four-inch-wide Coker whitewalls.

On the inside, Rick kept with the custom theme. Instead of a stock Chevy dash, he narrowed a '59 Impala dash to sit inside the cab. From there, he painted all the metal bright red, installed Classic Instrument gauges, and his wife stitched up the Mexican blanket interior. We'd say all those years with a custom car book stuffed between the pages of whatever textbook had to be open in school paid off, because Rick's '48 is one rad kustom truck.