Now that the old girl had fooled father time and actually got her looks back with age, it was time to give her an engine to match her newly acquired sex appeal. Skylar and Larry equipped her with a '76 350 small-block bored to a 355. For some extra pick-me-up, they stuffed in some flat-top pistons with a compression ratio of 10:1. Breathing life into the motor is a 720 Holley carburetor. They also added a set of Doug Thorley headers and Cherry Bomb mufflers to complete the inhale/exhale drill. The end result is 360 horses of Detroit muscle.

With the engine intact, Skylar needed to decide on the interior. He chose gray leather to coat the inside of the GMC and custom Summit leather seats. He also added a custom aluminum dash and a gauge panel from Auto Meter. The finishing touches included a Pioneer sound system and a custom polished steering wheel.

With the facelift nearly complete, all Skylar needed to do was choose a set of wheels to complement his revamped truck. In a decade where dubs have become standard for young car enthusiasts, Skylar chose a classier, more traditional look with 17-inch American Racing Torq-Thrust II rims with BFGoodrich tires.

With everything said and done, Skylar is left with a brand-new 50-year-old piece of arm candy he can pridefully boast about to his friends and family. The only downside of the project for Skylar is the enormous gratitude toward his father and the suspicion of an eventual letdown from his next life-changing event.