Throughout our lives we will encounter several life-changing events, and it is these events that conspire to mold us into the people we are today. Many of these events are common amongst all of us, such as the first day of high school, the day we finally get our driver's license, or that long overdue night when we can finally order a beer without being tossed into the street by a bouncer attempting his best Roadhouse impersonation.

At the ripe age of 19, with no wife or children, Skylar Schulz of Breyham, Texas, can safely say his 18th birthday may have been the best day of his life. While most 18-year-olds were utilizing their newly discovered rights as a legal adult, Skylar and his father, Larry, were looking for a little something more. They had their eyes on the prize, as they say, and in this case, the prize was a '59 GMC.

Although the truck had already been a permanent member of the family, serving as a commuter for Skylar throughout high school, the two decided it was time to up the ante. They began with the frame. Larry and Skylar's frame design called for a complete overhaul of the stock GMC chassis. They turned to David Winslow to bring their idea to life. David first fitted the frame with a subframe from a '78 Camaro. He then added the rear suspension from an '86 Corvette, which ultimately gave the '59 full independent suspension in all four corners.

With the frame intact, it was time to give the old gal a facelift. Skylar and Larry took their GMC to the boys at Better Than New Auto Body. Since the truck had been alive and kicking for nearly half a century, she needed a little TLC. First, they smoothed out the cab corners and altered the hood and grille. Next, they added a roll pan and shaved the door handles and locks to give the truck a cleaner appearance. Once the major surgery was complete, they turned the truck over to Bradley Warmke to spray the GMC with a custom two-tone paint job of yellow and gray. With the truck fully painted, Larry, with a little help from David Winslow, continued the facelift by installing oak and chrome runners to coat the inside of the truck bed.