For increased stopping power, Classic Performance Products front disc brakes were installed. When he bought the truck, Erik thought the motor was in tip-top shape, but as it turns out it was on its last leg. Therefore, the '70 Camaro Z28 350 was replaced with a brand-new GM Performance Parts 350 crate motor complete with an Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor. The new powerplant sports an estimated 390 horsepower.

In terms of the exterior, Erik wanted to highlight the GMC's body lines. In order to do this, he knew the truck couldn't have any ornaments on it. Therefore, the door handles, mirrors, trim, emblems, filler neck, bed stakes, and every other piece of factory hoopla that interrupted the truck's silhouette was shaved off. Erik also got rid of the stock window setup and replaced it with a one-piece window system. Next up, the truck was painted PPG Blue.

Seeing that Erik owns his own detailing service, he figured he would be the man to cut and buff the GMC. Because of the rear suspension out back, Erik had to do something about the bed floor. Instead of building something to cover up the C-notch, Erik decided to raise the entire bed floor up instead. Once the frame was raised, he then inserted the new Maple wood and stainless strips.

On the inside of the cab, all the metal was painted to match the exterior. Instead of opting for replacement interior parts, Erik wanted an interior more to his style. In order to achieve his wishes, the door panels, seat, and dash were all recovered in black vinyl and cloth for a custom look. Topping things off is a billet steering wheel.

Although Erik has built several rides throughout the years, nothing quite rivals his latest. Slammed, bagged, shaved, and more, this classic cruiser blends today's custom standards with the years of yester custom style in a perfect blend of just plain cool. Not to mention that Erik's business seems to be on the rise as well.