Thunder From Down Under
Check out this '48 Ford Freighter yellow stunner from Down Under. It comes to us by way of David Reece clear over in Sydney, Australia. Yet instead of us laying down the gospel about the truck, we're going to let David take the reins. So have at it, mate.

"In 2002, my wife and I moved from Brisbane, Australia, back to Sydney for my work. For the first 12 months all I did was work, and my wife was an international flight attendant for Air New Zealand. After 12 months, my wife suggested, god bless her heart, that I needed a hobby. After careful confirmation that she was sure, I embarked on the journey below.

"My brother had completed a '28 Ford Roadster hot rod and purchased our grandfather's '29 Touring A, which he restored to better than the original. The '29 Touring A is a car that my grandfather had since it was brand new. He stored it during World War II, and then it was driven as my grandparents' only car until '67, so it is a very special car. However, being born in '71, I don't remember this car on the road because it was always in the garage, where my grandfather started it once a week. My father, uncle, and grandfather had a farming business and bought a '48 Ford Freighter, which became my grandfather's daily driver until he died in '83. I remember the truck vividly, and he drove it everywhere.

"In 2003, when my wife suggested I get a hobby, I could only think of the '48 Ford, so I went looking but was unable to find the original. We did manage to find the old Inverell Tow Truck, a business that was 40 miles from our original home in Bingara, which is in northern New South Wales, Australia.

"My father Lawrence, brother Robert, and my two young nephews Chris and Nick started to disassemble the truck. We spent many nights together learning, laughing, and joking as we worked on the truck. About 12 months later our father died unexpectedly at the age of 49. This rocked us, to say the least, but my brother and I continued with the build and spent a lot of time together that money can't replace. My brother was the fabricator and I the apprentice. In the end, we ended up using the entire running gear from a '78 Series II Jaguar. We also installed a 350 Chevy motor, painted the truck Ferrari yellow, and covered the seat in black leather. Not to mention we installed a Billet Fast Lane steering wheel, and no, that photo isn't reversed, the Ford is a righthand drive.

"Thanks must go out to Larry at Blue Oval Truck parts, Jeg's, Obsolete Ford Truck Parts, Dennis Carpenter, Bill Hepburn, and my wife, because many parts were sent to her hotel and brought home via Air New Zealand."