The exterior was another area that Jeff entrusted to Creed's Rod Shop. After shaving the driprails and installing a tilt fiberglass front end from Fairlane Company, Kevin Creed shot the truck in DuPont medium Scarlet Red. For a finishing touch, the stock Ford front and rear bumpers were tucked in a few inches and matched in Scarlet Red.

One of the good things about a panel truck is that the interior can really be adapted to add to the truck's overall practicality. To get the comfort level in the right zone, Jeff installed air conditioning from Vintage Air. To handle the audio portion of his driving enjoyment, a sound system featuring premium components from Sony was stuffed in between the two walls. Up front in the cab, Dakota Digital instruments ride in front of a banjo steering wheel from the late, great Eddie Peabody (just kidding, Jeff didn't tell us where he sourced the steering wheel from). Fortunately, though, credit was given to Billy Hamlin of Meadowbrook, Illinois, for upholstering the interior. Billy used a combination of bone-colored tweed and Naugahyde to help soak up unwanted road noise, as well as a tactile environment that is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye.

In closing, Jeff thanked Mike and Kathy Shelton for their help, and then mentioned that the '55 Ford panel he bought in '82 for $300 ended up winning Best Panel at the 2000 Ford F-100 Supernationals. With over $40,000 invested, that's kind of an expensive detour, wouldn't you say?