With the chassis repairs completed, Jim turned the truck over to Huggie and the crew at Flair With Air, another group of Port Townsend's automotive craftsmen, who took the tired sheetmetal from shabby to shiny. Jim chose House of Kolor black metalflake for the top, with a light-capturing HOK gold metalflake on the lower half that rolls over the sensuously curved fenders like the beam of a cop's flashlight on a traffic violator's face. To create a different look, the '41 rear bumper was bobbed and altered by Steve at Mobile Logic in Port Townsend to match Jim's own design. The grille, front bumpers, and trim were bathed in lustrous show chrome by EFS Plating Co., a family run business in Port Orchard, before being bolted in place.

The creature comforts inside the cab were the last step in the new truck's latest incarnation-we say latest because Jim never seems content with "as is," and he has a bushel of changes planned for the future. But for now, Toyota Supra seats covered in gray and black cloth provide a perch for Jim and his significant other, Jessica. The dash cluster is a billet aluminum piece of unknown origin filled with Mallory gauges. To pass the miles on the way to events with his club, The Port Townsend Rakers, or just cruising solo, a Pioneer CD/radio fills the cab with tunes.

As a final check, Jim turned the truck over to Colin at Townsend Electric in his hometown to give the wiring a final once-over to ensure trouble-free miles. Since the truck was originally a California cruiser, creature comforts like the heater and windshield wipers were eliminated in the name of custom, but Jim's location in the Pacific Northwest mandated the return of said components since Jim uses his '41 as a daily driver.

Jim notes that if it weren't for the assistance of his friends and fellow truckers in the Port Townsend area, his dream truck would have stayed just that-a dream. As Jim so succinctly put it, "It really does take a village to build a hot rod. While most of these guys aren't big-time national names, in our small community, they sure are."