There are some things in life you just can't let go of, and for Jeff Wingo, his '50 Studebaker is one of those things. After all, it's the truck he bought for near nothing in high school. It's what he spent every penny earned and ounce of free time on just to keep the Stude on the road. It's what he and his buddies piled into onto the weekends for some extracurricular activities. But most of all, the Studebaker is his truck.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it-when Jeff picked up the Stude, it was just plain ugly. On the outside, the Studebaker had picked up a paint scheme divided between primer, Bondo, rust, and what was left of the original paint. Underneath the calico exterior, things were just as bad. In fact, it was so bad that when Jeff headed out for college, he had to throw the truck up on blocks and let it sit because he literally couldn't afford to keep it on the road anymore. The truck sat in that spot for the next 20 years until Jeff decided it was time to resurrect the dead.

With Jeff's newfound excitement for the Studebaker, he set out to build the truck. Unfortunately, the shops that began his truck's build didn't share the same enthusiasm that he did, and because of this, the truck bounced around a bit before it fell into the right hands. The Studebaker eventually anchored down at GS Customs. There, owner Greg Stallmeyer and Jeff picked each other's brains about what the truck's final outcome should look like. What they came up with is this wicked awesome custom creation that makes even the Chevy SSR look out of date!

As GS Customs began digging into the 50-year-old truck, it wasn't long before they realized Jeff would be better off using it as a parts truck and then buying a better '50 Stude. But seeing as how this was Jeff's high school ride, it was this truck or no truck, so GS set out to find various pieces of sheetmetal.