It seems like just about anyone who is into old trucks has a favorite. About 30 years ago, Keith Walters from South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, had finally found something he'd been dreaming about since he first gained interest in hot rodding back in high school-his own personal grail, so to speak-a '32 Ford pickup. Even though he enjoyed building other custom trucks over the years, he always felt something was missing.

When he finally tracked down the right vintage truck, there was one predominant problem: this was one tired truck. But Keith, being the ambitious type, saw past the rust and the fact that raccoons apparently had something to do with the current state of the upholstery and interior.

Over the next decade, the truck slowly took shape. After tearing the '32 down to the bare frame, Keith enlisted Ron Showers at Auto Weld in Danville, Pennsylvania, to handle narrowing the rear and boxing the frame in preparation for a modern drivetrain. The rearend of choice was a Ford 9-inch Posi with 3.89:1 gears. Auto Weld also created a custom four-bar rear suspension setup that features a pair of Alden coilover shocks procured from his good friend Dave Snyder at nearby Shore Auto, who has helped Keith considerably over the years with this and other projects.