What if? Now there's a common query that pokes its head up time and time again. Questions such as, "What if you had three wishes?" or, "What if you won the lottery?" and how about, "What if you inherited a bunch of money?" Sounds like something you've thought of before. For some, that question ends right where it starts, up in the air, but for others, like Tom Ehrich, they have some serious thinking to do.

When Tom inherited a heap of cash, there were several options on his plate. He could pay off his house, remodel the kitchen, buy some land-the choices were endless, but there was only one thing on his mind: to team up with his son Adrian and go all out on a hot rod. Tom had been building hot rods all his life, mostly '40s-style business coupes, but he had never had the backing to build one exactly how he would want it. He figured this would be the perfect opportunity to build the ride of his dreams and share the experience with his son. And just like that, the hunt was on.

The father and son duo found a '70 C-10 longbed that was far from grace. The truck had lived on a ranch for 30 years in West, Texas (the city, not the area), where it had taken a few blows over the years. From there a kid bought it, but decided it wasn't for him. The third time it changed hands, the truck was in good company with the Ehrichs. They immediately laid out a course of action to get the rusted-out heap of metal the way they wanted it.

Killer Ridez (KR) in Seagoville, Texas, was the first stop on the longbed's journey to blue heaven. Killer Ridez removed the frame from the body and went to work on both of them. KR tackled a list of custom body modifications Tom and Adrian wanted. The first order of business was to shave the '70 clean. KR started with the door handles and went from there. Next up was the gas filler door, mirrors, emblems and trim, front and rear marker lights, stake pockets, and antenna. The old hood was ditched for a new cowl hood, and the cowl was shaved as well. The most radical custom job was altering the front and rear roll pans. The bumpers were thrown from the mix, and Killer Ridez molded the front and rear roll pans. Out back, the new LED taillights were fabbed into the roll pan, and the factory taillights were shaved clean. KR also installed an LED third brake light in the top of the cab. In the front, the turn signals were relocated into a roll pan. Once the body was finished, KR and Kreative Colors sprayed the truck with Diamont Intense Blue Pearl.