To the tune of 350 electronic fuel-injected cubes, the owner opted to fill the front framerails with reliable GM power. Louie dressed the '89 engine with several ball-milled, flame-engraved billet goodies and expelled the powerplant's fumes with Sanderson block hugger headers. Musso's Machine Shop supplied a 700-R4 trans they'd enhanced with a Walker trans cooler.

Throughout the undercarriage and powertrain renovation, Kevin Renzelman worked metal magic with various exterior panels from three '48s. He shaved the door handles, removed and smoothed the trim items, and welded and filled the hood. The owner pitched in with the construction of the bed from new sheetmetal. Kevin painted Louie's pickup in a custom mix of PPG Black and Orange. Once the paint had cured, Herb Bornschein installed smoked glass in the cab and a V-butt windshield. Musso's Machine Shop utilized an EZ Wire harness to wire the truck and install Auto Meter instruments in the filled dash.

After 13 months of hard work, the Chevy emerged from Frank's Upholstery in Pueblo. Louie literally spent the lion's share of his free time to get the project pickup completed so quickly. His fitting name for the '48-Sleepless Nights.