As I might have mentioned a time or two, I occasionally like to profile the work of one particular modeler whose efforts are a cut above the norm. Usually, I find someone I feel would be interesting right here, while doing the Goodguys shows or the Sacramento AutoRama. This time that was not the case.

I would like to introduce you to Randy Izatt of Lawndale, North Carolina. Randy and I met via the Net a couple of months ago. I was originally drawn to Randy's work after seeing an example of it at one of our Goodguys shows in Pleasanton, California. One of our guys had purchased this particular piece from Randy and displayed it at the show. It was stunning, to say the least. I found Randy's Fotki site (members, or and enter "Randy Izatt") and was amazed by his work, his decals, and the scope of his involvement. My first reaction was, here's a guy as crazy as I am about this hobby! Cool! So I e-mailed him. Randy is into drag racing big time, but still has time to build a killer truck or two along the way.

One of the things Randy does is provide reference photos for model-builders on his Fotki site, which is second to none. He even has the various albums broken down by make of car-and there are many to choose from. Randy has been building models for more than 25 of his 46 years, and like those of us with the passion, he just keeps getting better with each piece he turns out. He, along with his two sons, has just finished building a shop for his model-building that most of us would kill for. Having been a long-haul trucker, Randy has a soft spot for trucks and has built several very nice examples. He has built all kinds of different trucks. I've seen custom, Pro Street, stock, and old weathered beaters come off his bench-testimony to a true dyed-in-the- wool modeler.