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Custom Classic Trucks

Custom 1954 Trucks

Inside our Features section you’ll find all of the best 1954 trucks that have been featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine over the years. Browse our archives below or select an article to read truck reviews, view photos & specs, and more.
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Classic Truck Blogs

eBay Built Gasser Van
The editors of Hot Rod are in the process now of building this ’68 Chevy Van for the 2012 SEMA Show... more
eBay Built
The editors of Hot Rod, Lowrider, european car, and Four Wheeler are in the process now of building... more
Classic Instruments '53-'55 F-100 Package
Check out Classic Instruments retro-fit unit for '53-'55 Ford trucks. Original fit, original... more
Presented by The Long Beach Model "T" Club
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Classic Truck Forums

1954 F-350 Coca Cola Flatbed - What's It Worth?
I have a 1954 F-350 Flatbed that used to be a Coca Cola delivery truck. Paint scheme matches past... more
1954 Dodge steering
I have a 1954 Dodge 1/2 ton. I installed a 360, but now the steering box won't fit in the original... more
1954 F-350 Coca Cola Flatbed - What's It Worth?
pictures... use photobucket.. its free... without pictures.. nobody will be able to even guess... more
1954 chevrolet 3100 value
I am looking at a 1954 3100, painted in the last 3 years, 350 CI engine mild build, TH350, and 10... more
Custom Classic Trucks