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Inside our Features section you’ll find all of the best classic Willys trucks that have been featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine over the years. Browse our archives below or select an article to read truck reviews, view photos & specs, and more.
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1941 Willys Pickup - Readers’ Trucks
Running across a Willys usually puts us in a nostalgic mood, since so many Willys owners take a retro approach when tackling a build-up.... more
1950 Willys Jeep Pickup Truck - The World's Greenest Willys
The first rule of advertising and the first rule of car and truck shows are the same: Get their attention. In this case, some crisp paint, a down-low stance, and a "don't-see-many-of-those" body... more
1941 Willys Pickup Steering System Setup - Turning Point
One of the project trucks here at Custom Classic Trucks that we've recently inherited from our now-defunct sister publication Kit Car is Eric Geisert's California Hauler '41 Willys pickup.... more
1951 Willys Overland Pickup Truck - Readers' Trucks
Out of LaGrange, Georgia, comes John Schlicher and his '51 Willys Overland with one of the most complete Volare conversions anyone has ever seen.... more
Willys Jeep Pickup Truck - The End
Come check out this old lost Willys that we found outside of Commerce, Texas.... more

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52 Willys Planar Drum to Disc Conversion
Does anyone have any Info on Converting a Willys Planar Front Suspension/drum brakes to Disc?... more
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Thanks, it has been a big project alright but I look forward to the day I drive it down the road... more
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