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Inside our Features section you’ll find all of the best classic Studebaker trucks that have been featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine over the years. Browse our archives below or select an article to read truck reviews, view photos & specs, and more.
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The End? - 1950's Era Studebaker Flatbed
A '50s-era Studebaker flatbed converted into a homemade wrecker serves as a focal point for a local Niles, Michigan, tree service.... more
1949 Studebaker Truck - Studeriffic!
You probably won’t see many Studebaker trucks cruising the streets of your neighborhood on any given day, and odds are you definitely won’t ever come across many Studes as nice as this brilliantly... more
1949 Studebaker Pickup - Timeless Stude
We caught ourselves about to describe Bobby Green’s hot rods as “traditional,” then realized that the term is so overused that all meaning has been squeezed out of it.... more
1961 Studebaker Champ Pickup - Knocked Down, But Not Out
Twenty-nine years ago, Gil Ragland spotted a true oddity crumpled up in the corner of a local salvage yard... more
1949 Studebaker Pickup Truck - Pete's Pop's Stude
If you have a neighbor who doesn't call the cops at the first sign of loud music, or a throaty motor for that matter, you're a fortunate individual.... more

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WANTED 1949 Studebaker Pickup
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WANTED 1949 Studebaker Pickup
i always like these...... more
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