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Custom Dodge Trucks

Inside our Features section you’ll find all of the best classic Dodge trucks that have been featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine over the years. Browse our archives below or select an article to read truck reviews, view photos & specs, and more.
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Classic Truck Forums

1949 Project Dodge
Posting update to this project. I have started working on the truck again but game plan has... more
1953 dodge 5 window job rated truck for sale
I have a 1953 dodge job rated truck for sale. Almost complete. Needs Windows, I have 2sets of the... more
WANTED WANTED I have restored my 1993 Dodge one ton. This is the old body style one ton Cummins. I... more
1955 241 v8 with manual trans
Selling original 241 engine and manual trans out of my 55 dodge pickup. Just sitting not being... more
Custom Classic Trucks