We've always found that swap meets were great places to look for a finished truck as there are often bargains to be had. However don't let money burn a hole in your pocket-the trick is to shop carefully and make sure you're not going to want, or have to, make a host of changes to a finished vehicle. Minor tweaks are one thing but major changes can get out of control and become expensive very quickly so factor any alterations into the purchase price. And again, make sure to verify ID numbers. Now with that said we have to point out that when you do find a truck you want, don't hesitate. A good friend found the truck of his dreams and while he walked around thinking about it someone else made a deal and drove it home.

At the last Portland event we found a ton of parts and a half-dozen trucks in conditions ranging from salvageable to show worthy we would have liked to haul home; but we were in a rental car so our capacity was limited. The 2011 Portland Swap Meet will be held April 1, 2, 3 at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center and next time we'll be taking a truck and trailer-just in case.