Sunday dawned bright and sunny with the NSRA crew ready for another day of fun. After Sunday morning services, most drivers took a final stroll around the fairgrounds to check new arrivals before moving to the Circle of Winners. Vehicles selected for the prestigious NSRA Picks were on display and quickly became Sunday's center of attention. At around 2 p.m., four drivers and their companions were recognized for driving their vehicles to all eleven NSRA events this year, a testament to their love of the sport. The vehicle picks were an exceptional honor, as each owner was called to receive his plaque. But the spectators knew that the real giving portion of this event began after the Picks were awarded. As the final best of the best vehicle cleared the circle, the famous drum full of tickets started to turn and people shifted in their seats. With more than $100,000 in prizes, giving at this show is serious business. With stereos, sets of wheels, car lifts, welders, tires, tools, and more, Jerry Kennedy and his crew of Santa's helpers had Christmas coming early to street rod and street truck owners in Tampa. Of course, the most coveted stocking stuffer of all was the brand-new Chevy Colorado pickup truck, one of 10 given away by NSRA at each of their divisional events.

When the winning number was called and Ron Jones from Cape Coral, Florida, checked his ticket, he instantly understood the true meaning of giving, since he became the proud owner of a brand-new '04 Chevrolet Colorado. Ron was already having his share of fun, but this special event certainly intensified the pleasure. Dozens of other NSRA members also went home smiling thankful that the gift certificates simplified the process of getting their significant prizes home. If you'd like to get in on getting prizes and awards, the NSRA is the biggest bunch of givers we know of. Put the NSRA Tampa show on your 2005 calendar. They will always give you their best, and maybe you'll come away with more than just a fun weekend. Those who'd like to learn more about the shows and the annual event schedule, check their website at